Along with persuading the SSA that your impairments are disabling enough to prevent you from working, to obtain Sarpy County SSDI benefits you also need to have paid a sufficient amount into the system while you were still able to work. This is determined by counting how many Social Security work credits you’ve earned.

Credits are calculated from your income taxes. The amount needed for a credit is adjusted each year according to the average wage index. It is only possible to earn four credits in one year, no matter how much you make.

If you were born after 1929 and became disabled between the ages of 31 and 61, the number of credits you need for SSDI benefits varies dramatically. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 31 through 42, 20 credits are needed
  • 44, 22 credits are needed
  • 46, 24 credits are needed
  • 48, 26 credits are needed
  • 50, 28 credits are needed
  • 52, 30 credits are needed
  • 54, 32 credits are needed
  • 56, 34 credits are needed
  • 58, 36 credits are needed
  • 60, 38 credits are needed
  • 62 or older, 40 credits are needed

For applicants who aren’t blind, at least 20 of your total work credits need to have been earned within 10 years of sustaining a disability.

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