If the vocational expert is of the opinion that there is another job or jobs that someone with your impairments should be able to perform, effectively cross-examination by your attorney is arguably one of the most important parts of your Sarpy County disability appeal.

Unfortunately, an attorney who does a bad job cross-examinating can create even more problems for your case than the VE recommending other work. Let’s take a look at some common cross-examination mistakes.

  • Taking it personally – A skilled Sarpy County disability attorney won’t lose patience or argue with the witness.
  • Not understanding the goal – That’s getting the VE to say that there are no other jobs you are able to perform.
  • Gathering information during the cross-examination – The cross-examination process is about supporting your arguments, not building them.
  • Losing control of the testimony – It’s amazing how quickly a decent cross-examination can collapse into drama, chaos, or off-topic rambling. Every question must lead the witness toward dismissing any jobs they’ve suggested.
  • Asking irrelevant or inappropriate questions – Every question asked must be carefully tailored to get you closer to the goal.

Bringing good cross-examination techniques to the table is one of the most important things a Sarpy County disability attorney can do for you at this level of appeal. We offer knowledge, skill and even-handedness to the cross-examination process. Ready to learn more? Call Cuddigan Law at (402) 933-5405 today. Our information-packed report, Give Yourself the Best Chance of Winning Your Social Security Disability Case, is yours for the asking.

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