As anyone who has applied for Social Security disability benefits will tell you, it is a tough and long road to obtaining the benefits you have earned. Nearly two-thirds of those who apply are turned down upon their initial application. Now, with a new change in regulations, the Social Security Administration has made it even more difficult to win a disability case. 

Here’s what happened: Previously the “treating physician rule” required Social Security employees and administrative law judges to give significant weight to reports supporting an applicant’s claim of disability which come from that person’s doctor. New regulations, which went into effect in March, totally eliminate the “treating physician rule”. 

Adding another hurdle for the disabled who are seeking benefits, the new rules also take away the added weight which was previously given to disability determinations by other agencies such as the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Now more than ever, navigating the Social Security disability claims process is complicated and oftentimes overwhelming. An experienced, local attorney who focuses on disability can be a powerful ally. If you or someone you care about is considering applying for Social Security disability or has been turned down for benefits, call us at Cuddigan Law for a free evaluation of your situation.

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