Every time you’re on your way to DaVita Omaha West on West Dodge Road for another dialysis treatment, you think how much easier if would be if you just lived there. Maybe you could live in your car, seeing as how you’re usually on your way to or from an appointment. And with bills piling up the way they are, living in your car doesn’t seem so improbable anymore. Isn’t there any relief available for people who are suffering from kidney disease?

Social Security Requirements to Grant Benefits for Kidney Dialysis

The Social Security Administration (SSA) can provide regular monthly payments to help offset the cost of your medical bills and lost income due to chronic renal disease. However, when you submit your application, you must document the medical detials of your qualifying renal disease, including:

  • Chronic hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. The SSA will need an extensive report from a medical provider describing the nature of your chronic renal disease and a history of your dialysis dosage and visits.
  • Kidney transplant surgery. Any patient who has undergone kidney transplantation will automatically be considered disabled by the SSA for the first 12 months following surgery, as there is a greater likelihood of recurrent infection and organ rejection during the first year.
  • Kidney transplant recovery. After the first 12 months of transplantation has passed, the SSA will decide whether you are eligible for continuing disability payments based on how much you are impaired post-surgery. This includes evaluating your symptoms, lab tests, and prognosis from your doctors.
  • Complications. You should include medical records that show any complications—bone deterioration, motor or sensory neuropathy, or nephrotic syndrome—you have suffered as a result of the disease, as well as side effects of the treatment itself.

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