There are many misstatements and some outright lies about the Social Security Disability program that are being spread by so called concerned politicians and media. Omaha disability lawyer, Timothy Cuddigan says he hears recurring misinformation from acquaintances, clients and in the media but facts do matter.National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives (NOSSCR), Deputy Communications Director, Rebecca Vallas outlines these important points:

  • The Social Security disability standard is the strictest in the world; and most applicants are denied.
  • Social Security Disability programs experience very little fraud.
  • Growth in Disability Insurance Program participation was expected and mostly due to demographics.
  • Growth in the program has little to due with the recession.
  • Few beneficiaries are able to work..
  • Disability benefits are low.
  • Disability benefits, although low, keep millions of Americans out of extreme poverty.
  • For most disabled Americans, Social Security Disability Income is the Income available
  • Social Security Disability Programs can be strengthen without cutting benefits

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