Any person can experience a life-changing, traumatic event that can eventually cause post-traumatic stress disorder. However, veterans are especially at risk for this medical condition. Being deployed into combat, stationed in dangerous locations, exposed to life-threatening incidents, and faced with the hardships of war and personal injury can create mental and emotional stress that may manifest into PTSD. 

Because PTSD is a complex subject, Cuddigan Law has produced a new series of videos offering more in-depth insight into the many facets of this mental health condition and how veterans can qualify for disability compensation for PTSD.

These videos are now part of the Cuddigan Law library of more than 100 videos which unlock the secrets of VA and Social Security disability. The library covers a full range of qualifying medical disorders, how-to tips on navigating the system and insider advice on winning your claim. Access to the videos is FREE and they are available to anyone at and on the Cuddigan Law YouTube channel.





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