You remember the day when you were diagnosed with a brain tumor at Saint Elizabeth Hospital in Lincoln. You went in looking for an explanation of why you felt so tired and nauseated—you even thought you might be pregnant. You never could have imagined that your doctor would begin talking about intervention and MRIs, making follow-up appointments, and discussing surgery.

At a time when you are facing a serious medical condition, you shouldn’t have to worry about your financial future. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) provides monthly payments to patients who are unable to work due to brain tumor complications.

Getting Social Security Disability Payments for Neurological Diseases

There are many different ways you could qualify to receive benefits for neurological disorders, including:

  • Brain tumors. You can get disability payments for both malignant and benign brain tumors. If your brain tumor is cancerous, you will have to meet the disability qualifications for cancer. If your brain tumor is benign, you will have to provide evidence of your impairment—describing your symptoms and how they prevent you from working.
  • Impaired motor functions. If your disorder causes tremors, paralysis, involuntary spasms, or sensory disturbances, you may be able to get benefits based on nerve dysfunction. The SSA will evaluate how these problems interfere with your daily activities, including how well you can walk, sit, and use your arms, hands, and fingers throughout the day.
  • Episodic conditions. If your disorder causes seizures or episodes of dysfunction, the SSA will consider your level of disability based on the frequency and duration of attacks, laboratory test results, and the estimated length of your remissions.

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