Zoe KoplowitzZoe Koplowitz was the keynote speaker at a luncheon to raise awareness and support for multiple sclerosis (MS), May 2, 2013, in Omaha. Ms. Koplowitz, who lives with MS, spoke about the 25 marathons she's participated in and completed. Her inspirational speech shared the lessons she learned and the friends she made in her races. She was proud of the races completed as the last person to cross the finish line. Sean and Tim Cuddigan were among the sponsors of the luncheon that raises awareness and support for the more than 15,000 Nebraskans who live with MS. We help those who are no longer able to work because of Multiple Sclerosis obtain Social Security benefits.

Contact Cuddigan Law for MS Disability Benefits

If you've been diagnosed with MS, you must prove how this disease affects your ability to work. Adequate and complete documentation must accompany your application with evidence that shows the ways in which MS interferes with performing on the job or makes it impossible for you to work altogether. Obtaining legal representation from a skilled and experienced Social Security disability attorney is your best chance of submitting a successful disability claim.

Contact Cuddigan Law to get help filing your claim. Our disability attorneys can help you document your condition, and we'll file your application in our office. If you've been denied SSDI for MS, don't give up. You have sixty days to appeal, and our attorneys can assist you. If you're seeking help with your disability claim, contact Cuddigan Law to speak with an intake specialist for free.

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