medicaid cutsOne of the many results of the COVID-19 pandemic is that millions of Americans gained Medicaid coverage. Starting in April millions are likely to lose it. A provision of the massive $1.7 trillion spending bill passed by Congress in late December allows states to take away Medicaid coverage from 15 to 18 million people—or about 1 in 5 people currently in the program—according to Kaiser Family Foundation estimates.

During the COVID-19 public health emergency states were prohibited from booting recipients off Medicaid, but this new legislation sunsets that restriction. While many will be eligible for health insurance coverage through employers, the Affordable Care Act or, in the case of kids, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, experts estimate that 3.8 million people will be left with no insurance starting April 1.

Although before states cancel Medicaid coverage, they are required to check patients' eligibility and notify them if they're losing coverage, health care advocates have raised concerns that some people will “fall through the cracks.”  Medicaid serves some of the nation’s poorest people and many may not learn their health insurance has been cancelled because they don’t have internet access or a stable home address.

If you are a Medicaid recipient we urge you to make sure your contact information is up-to-date on your account and that you check the mail frequently to keep an eye on your eligibility status as that April 1 date nears.

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