Is it Okay to

I have applied for disability. Is it okay to “fudge” my income to get a refund on my taxes?

It is tragic, but all too often those who apply for disability find themselves in tough financial situations. Sometimes they are desperate and are tempted to report “phantom income” on their income tax filings in order to get a refund check, often in the form of an Earned Income Tax credit. (EITC is a tax benefit for low to moderate income working people. To qualify for EITC you must have earned income from working for someone, or from running or owning a business or farm, and meet basic rules.)

Our strong advice is: DON’T EVER FILE A FALSE TAX RETURN. Only report earnings if you have worked and meet the IRS threshold for reporting earnings and it is a good idea to consult with a tax preparation expert before you file your taxes. 

Timothy J. Cuddigan (Founder - Retired)
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