Generally, Social Security will obtain recent medical records when they evaluate your application for Social Security disability. However they will not obtain records tjat are more than one year prior to your onset date.If these records are important to your claim it is important to you will have to obtain these records yourself.

How do I get my medical records?

Your Lincoln medical records should be readily available to your request—however, remember that it may be necessary for you to fill out some forms and pay an administrative fee to obtain them.Records used to determine your Social Security disability are free under Nebraska law but not Iowa law. We usually make an effort not to request records that Social Security is requesting because,multiple copies of the same records in the file mean that it will take the examiner to read through your file.However we always update the examiner to request records if you have been seen a new doctor

What if my doctor won’t give me my medical records because I’m applying for SSD?

In an ideal world, there shouldn’t be any problems getting your medical records. Unfortunately, the world we live in is far from ideal. Some of our clients have dealt with doctors who became uncooperative at the very mention of “Social Security disability.” They won’t release medical records or complete paperwork—nor will they work with you or the Social Security Administration.

If this is the case with your Lincoln doctor, it may be necessary to switch—but before you make any major changes, hire an attorney. Most doctors’ offices will readily comply with an attorney’s request.

One of the reasons the Lincoln disability attorneys at Cuddigan Law recommend getting a free evaluation before you file for Social Security disabilities is so we can help you file a complete and persuasive application from the start. Need to know more? Call 402-933-5405 today.

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