Cuddigan Law Social Security Disability FAQ


Detailed and up-to-date medical records are absolutely critical to winning your case for Social Security disability benefits. After slogging through the complex and frustrating disability process, the last thing you want is a lack of records torpedoing your case. You need your medical records and that means you will need health insurance so you can continue to see your healthcare providers.

We realize that when you are not working, money can be tight. This is a difficult situation and we can provide you with a list of low-cost and no-cost clinics that may be able to help you.

To lower your medical insurance costs check out options like Medicaid or plans through your employer —such as COBRA. Some individuals are able to borrow from relatives and friends to obtain the health care necessary to support their claim.

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For more Disability FAQs in About A Minute, navigate to the Cuddigan Law YouTube Channel.


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