Knowing what to write in an affidavit letter for a loved one trying to obtain Social Security disability benefits in Fremont can be difficult. To help, we’ve collected several statements that would typically be helpful for an applicant. Notice that all of them are concrete examples of behaviors or events that the author has directly observed.

  • I’m not sure Ginger should be living independently. Yesterday I went over to help with the laundry. As soon as I walked in, I smelled something burning. I found that she’d started a pot of water on the stove and just left it there while she sat a few feet away, watching TV. All the water boiled out and the pot had started to smoke. When I asked her about it, she just shrugged and turned back to the television.
  • Jerry knocked on my door for help because he got lost on his way to the bank last week. He’s used the same bank for at least 15 years and it’s only four blocks from his apartment. It’s lucky that he recognized our house because he didn’t seem to understand how to get to the bank or how to get back home.
  • Increasingly, my father doesn’t like to leave his room because it makes him anxious. He told me that he sees people staring at him from the street when he eats in the kitchen. For the last four months we’ve needed to bring his meals to his door.

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