One of the more common questions we recieve is whether or not you can qualify workers' comp and social security disability benefits. In short, the answer is absolutely! But, it's not so black and white.

Keep reading to learn more about qualifying for workers' comp and social security disability benefits on Nebraska.

workers' comp and social security disability in NebraskaWhy You Can Qualify for Both Workers' Comp and Social Security Disability Benefits

Because Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and workers’ compensation are separate programs, you can qualify for payments for both. In Nebraska and Iowa, as it is in the rest of the country, workers’ compensation programs are run by the state governments. SSDI is a federal program.

How Does the Qualification Criteria Differ for Each Program?

However, it is important to be aware that not only are they separate programs, but they also have separate criteria for qualifying. It is entirely possible that you may be judged disabled for one program but not the other. Workers’ compensation is intended to be a temporary benefit for individuals who are injured at work to provide some income until either they heal or qualify for either SSDI or private long term disability insurance benefits.

Contact Our Experienced Omaha Attorneys for Questions

If you believe you qualify for workers’ compensation you should contact The Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court in Lincoln or the Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation in Des Moines—depending on which state you live in—or a workers’ compensation lawyer.

If you are disabled and considering applying for SSDI benefits, our social security disability attorneys can help you qualify. For a free evaluation of your case, contact our team online or give us a call at (402) 933-5405 today!

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