If you have had to quit working and apply for disability benefits in Nebraska because your eyesight or vision prevents you from continuing to work, then you know how confusing that denial notice is from Social Security stating you are not blind or disabled. It helps to know how Social Security evaluates vision claims.

How Social Security Evaluates Vision Claims

Social Security first looks at the eye listings and if you meet those listings your are found disabled but most applicants don't meet the listings and have to prove their limitations by proving they are unable to do any work.

9 Tips To Help Prove Your Vision Claim

  1. Obtain a medical report by your eye doctor that specifically identifies each of your limitations
  2. Be able to show why your visual limitations will eliminate all the jobs the vocational expert identifies.
  3. If your vision fluctuates, do the medical records show that it does?
  4. What testimony will demonstrate your inability to perform work?
  5. Do you have objective evidence to support your testimony about limitations?
  6. Did your past employer accomodate your vision problems on the job?
  7. Do you still drive a car? This is often the first question the judge asks.
  8. Have you made changes at home because of your vision or eyesight problems?
  9. Are you able to see or read without holding things close to your face?

If you have questions about your Omaha disability claim based on eye or vision problems, you may want order our free pamphlet: Give Yourself the Best Chance of Winning Your Social Security Disability Case.  For a free evaluation of your vision claim, contact our Omaha disability attorneys at (402) 933-5405 or [email protected].

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