Free Things on the Internet

If you are getting bored reading your sister-in-law’s Facebook updates and surfing the same old websites, here are five internet options you may not know about. And the best part is they are—this is the magical word—FREE.

1. College courses, no tuition. Do you want to brush up your business skills, dip your toe in the water for a new career, or just study for the sake of learning? Then Class Central ( may be what you’re looking for. Class Central gives you access to hundreds of online class courses from the likes of the University of Washington, Stanford, even Harvard and many other universities around the world, tuition-free.

2. Ambient sounds for any occasion. If you simply can't sleep or work without some kind of comforting white noise A Soft Murmur ( has you covered with a full menu of ambient noises like birds, rain, and white noise and they even offer free apps for iPhone and android.

3. Learn every language on earth. Rosetta Stone is probably the best known system for learning new languages. But some say that Duolingo ( is better and it is free for your computer or smartphone. Duolingo currently offers 15 different language courses and more are regularly added.

4.  Photo editing. If you want photo editing capabilities that are more extensive than just the odd filter or two but don’t want to make the substantial monthly payments to subscribe to Photoshop then Pixlr is good a choice, You can also use the Pixlr app to edit photos on your mobile phone, Pixlr ( earns high ratings from users.

5. Oodles of valuable coupons. RetailMeNot ( collects codes, coupons, and other door-busting deals for both online services and brick and mortar stores—with offerings offerings varying from H&M to Domino's delivered to your computer or smartphone.

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