social securityThe pandemic has been hard on Social Security customer service. You know this firsthand if you have tried to call Social Security for answers to your questions. In fiscal 2021 the average phone wait time was 13 minutes. In 2011 you only had to wait three minutes on average to be connected with a representative.

To improve your odds of getting better customer service from Social Security here are four tips:

  1. Avoid calling for help during busy times. Peak hours for the national toll-free number are the first week of the month and when payments are made, generally Wednesdays.​
  2. Go online to research your question and skip the phone all together. Go to and use the search box to look for an answer. When you find your answer, bookmark the page. If you still need to talk to a Social Security representative you can show the rep where you found it.
  3. Do your own independent research. Many non-profit and investment companies offer useful information, articles and calculators online. Our website,, has hundreds of informative articles and videos about Social Security disability and you access them for free.
  4. Consult an expert. You can start with our firm. If you are considering filing for disability benefits or your claim has been denied, give us a call at 402.933.5318 and we can give you a free evaluation of your specific situation.
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