3 Free Life-Saving Phone Apps


Beyond playing Candy Crush or texting your friends, your phone can do so much more, including saving your life. Here are three highly recommended phone apps to keep handy and best of all they are FREE.

American Red Cross First Aid. For most of us, we know little about first aid other than calling 911. But even then, what should you do in a medical emergency while you wait for help? The American Red Cross has step-by-step guidance for dozens of common medical emergency situations. You could just Google for an answer, of course, but the information from this app is faster, it’s all in one place, and, it’s even accessible when there is no reception. Available from the Apple store and Google Play (Android) or at redcross.org.

ICE Standard ER. ICE (In Case of Emergency) Standard ER saves a medical card with your essential medical information as your home screen. It also list emergency contacts so family and friends can be notified in an urgent situation. Stanford Healthcare says “When treating emergencies time is of the essence…[and] the ICE Standard ER App is a great way to get your most important information to those treating you, when you need it most.” ICE Standard ER can be found at the Apple store and Google Play (Android) or at icestandardtech.com

Snug. If you live alone and want the reassurance of someone checking in, Snug is for you. It’s a daily check-in service for people living alone. With this app you select a time of day to receive a notice. You press a green check mark on the app and receive a quote of the day. If you fail to check in, your emergency contacts are notified that you may need help. Snug can be downloaded from the Apple store and Google Play (Android) or at snugsafe.com.



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