I just received a letter notifying me that the disability examiner evaluating my Fremont disability benefits claim has scheduled a consultative medical examination (CME). Is this a good thing or a bad thing for the outcome of my case?

Everyone who receives an appointment letter from Social Security wonders if it’s a good or bad indication as far as the success of their claim is concerned. So first, we’ll just tell you that there isn’t a reliable way to find out the disability examiner’s reason for scheduling a CE—but there are some useful things to consider if you’ve received an appointment letter. Let’s start with:

The Good

  • Sometimes the disability examiner just needs one more crucial piece of evidence in finalizing an approval decision on your case.
  • Remember:  Having an appointment scheduled means that your disability claim is being actively evaluated; this could mean you’ll get a determination sooner rather than later.

The Bad

  • If you’ve applied for benefits without guidance, it’s possible that your case lacks the evidence it needs to convince the examiner of your disability.
  • A CE may be necessary if it’s evident that you haven’t been following your prescribed course of treatment.

The Totally Neutral

  • For some medical conditions, the disability examiner is required to obtain recent medical evidence from the applicant before making a determination.


For now, just make sure you get to the appointment. If you are already working with a knowledgeable Fremont disability lawyer, contact them to let them know about the appointment as soon as you are able.

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