Can I still work if I have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?

While multiple sclerosis (MS) patients may continue working for years after their diagnoses, the disease is often aggravated by stress. Both mental and physical labor can bring on physical symptoms, making it nearly impossible to tell when the benefits of working outweigh the problems that your job cause.

MS Patients May Suffer Mental Conditions That Make it Difficult to Work

In addition to pain, immobility, and other physical symptoms, MS sufferers commonly experience mental changes caused by chronic illness, side effects of medications, frustration with their limitations, or even as a result of the condition itself. Patients may suffer mood changes, confusion, irritability, and forgetfulness. In addition, many struggle with extreme fatigue and the need to rest for long periods.

If you are experiencing mental or emotional changes as a result of MS, you may be eligible for Social Security disability payments. The Social Security Administration will evaluate your ability to work despite your condition, also called your residual functional capacity (RFC). Your RFC for mental side effects may include your: